join Illuminati in Canada

join Illuminati in Canada

join Illuminati in Canada. The Veil of Secrecy Has Been Lifted…. how to join Illuminati in Canada
After many decades of secrecy and operation in the shadows, we, the illuminated ones, must begin to form the young membership.join Illuminati in Canada. More than ever the world needs an elite group of individuals that work to create the fate of the masses. They need us, but we must once again band together. Call us on our Cellphone Number +27671258513 also available on whatsapp.

CALL  / WHATSAPP Priest Phillips ON +27718490625 To Enter the illuminati society Worldwide OR  EMAIL:

What you see in the media today was not the original plan of our organization. It is not required that you are already super wealthy, or you are already an elite member of government or business….you must simply seek the light, and seek a world of knowledge that you realize exists, but is not sought after by the masses. You then become enlightened.join Illuminati in Canada.

You have made it to the ranks of the worlds most elite group. You have made it here because you chose to seek. Chose to seek the massive knowledge and power that is provided to those that wish to become enlightened. The path of enlightenment is not difficult, but it will not come to those who do not wish to find it.

Never before have we sought out, in any outlet be it traditional print or digital media, a new membership, available to the public. But we now realize that the public is who seeks knowledge, and wishes to use it in a way that helps the masses become enlightened, and live in a way that enlightened ones do ! Now is the new era of the Illuminati !

join Illuminati in Canada

You will be required to answer the following questions over the phone before we consider your request for membership

  1. What is your name?
  2. How old are you?
  3. What do you do for a living?
  4. How many time have you ever tried to join Illuminati?
  5. Why do you really want to join our legacy?

you must be over the age of 18 to make your own decision.
* you must have a strong belief of Success.
* you must be able to keep secrets to yourself.
* you must be able to wear a black shirt/vest/skirt/dress E.T.C not less than 3 times a week.
* you must believe that money is power.
* you must be aware that your name sounds in the list of celebrities and super-rich.
* you must have goals and desires of your dreams in life.
* you must be ready to visit the sea water at midnight once a year.
*you must have a belief in the change/modern world of doing things.
*you must be able to read/respect/understand the prayers of the Illuminati.

You must have aim of Joining and instincts to succeed.

join Illuminati in Canada.