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The Illuminati

how to join the illuminati . Have you been wondering how to join the Illuminati? Do you see the wealth and power of the illuminati society worldwide that guides every aspect of our world and want in on it? Do you want to know the secrets of the universe, the hidden knowledge that only the most powerful people on Earth have access to?

Of course you do. But to join Illuminati a group as elite and secretive as the Illuminati, you have to do a few things first. Attain personal wealth or fame, work in an industry that will come in handy. During the New World Order, and perform the correct rituals. Never ask questions, always keep secrets.

Above all, follow these simple steps regarding how to join the illuminati and becoming a member. You might not need all of them… but you’ll need some. And only then will the Judeo/Communist/Masonic/Satanic/Catholic  Priests  usher you behind its locked doors.

CALL  / WHATSAPP Priest Abizer ON +27671258513 To Enter the illuminati society Worldwide OR  EMAIL: [email protected]


You are required to answer the following questions over the phone before we consider your request for membership
1. What is your name?
2. How old are you?
3. What do you do for a living?
4. How many time have you ever tried to join Illuminati?
5. Why do you really want to join our legacy?
How to Join Illuminati wealth
The first stage is usually the Initiation Stage.

Immediately after the Initiation, new members are given a Money Awards equivalent to
US $ 500,000 to reorganize their Lives in-order to fit the class and status of the club members.
Others Money Awards are communicated after the Initiation stage.
However this is the basic requirements needed during the Initiation Stage.

NB: New members must send their joining Ritual ceremony Fees so that we can arrange a date for your initiation early


the illuminati talisman



1. A Cash Reward of USD $500,000 USD
2. A New Sleek Dream CAR valued at USD $300,000 USD
3.A Dream House bought in the country of your own choice
4. One Month holiday (fully paid) to your dream tourist destination.
5.One year Golf Membership package
6.A V.I.P treatment in all Airports in the World 7.A total Lifestyle change 8.Access to Bohemian Grove
9.Monthly payment of $1,000,000 USD into your bank account every month as a member
10.One Month booked Appointment with Top 5 world Leaders and Top 5 Celebrities in the World.
If you are interested of joining us in the great brotherhood illuminati satanic hand symbol contact us no

If your life is faced with struggles, remember the power of the mind. Remember that your brain bears no physical difference from that of a millionaire, a billionaire, a queen or a president. Remember that those of power were born with minds as empty of knowledge as every other child — their choices of what to fill their minds with led them to a life of Abundance.

how to join the illuminati

Do you really want to be a member of the Illuminati? If your answer to the following questions is YES. Then you are in the right place. If you have decided to become one of the Illuminati. Then you can be granted  membership under the conditions below.

Have a job or Get Rich in your Business

Even if you aren’t born into wealth, if you make enough money on your own, either through business, real estate, entertainment, an invention, or anything else, you won’t have to ask about joining the Illuminati. They’ll come looking for you.

Are you ready to Join a Secret Society

Many Illuminati members are also a part of secret societies, the shadowy power brokers who meet at luxury hotels in faraway places, hidden from prying eyes. The Illuminati itself began as a secret society in Bavaria in the 1770s, and this. Mentality has never left the group. So if you want to be noticed by the Illuminati, get added to the roster of something. Skull and Bones, the OTO, or the Bilderberg Group.

Become a Popular Pop Star Artist (musician)

Download the newest version of Auto Tune, put  on some makeup, and hire a songwriting team, and you might find yourself in the Illuminati right quick. Every recent pop singer, from Madonna to Britney, from Lady Gaga to Katy Perry, from Jessie J. To someone who only exists in an Illuminati cloning tank – they’re all alleged to be illuminati members.

A Hiphop Rapper – how to join the illuminati

The rap world has an obsession with the Illuminati – and in turn, the Illuminati are said to be especially eager to add rappers to their membership rolls. They’ve long (allegedly) had their hooks into Jay-Z, Kanye, Dr. Dre, and others. Could you be next? Get out that notebook and start polishing your rhymes – it’s the quickest way to find out. join Illuminati in Tehran.

Become an Actor or Actress

If you lack musical talent but have good looks, charisma, and can stand on a piece of tape and say the same thing over and over, the Illuminati might have a spot for you. Virtually every major Hollywood star, from Tom Cruise to Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie, and everyone in between, is alleged to be a member of the Illuminati.

Above All, Be Good at Keeping Secrets

The Illuminati is intensely secretive. Nobody knows who truly is a member, how it works, who really leads it… or even if it really exists. (It does. Allegedly.)

So if it’s your goal on how to join the illuminati, you must show other members (who you won’t be able to identify, because it’s a secret) that you are exceptional and able to keep secrets and never divulging what you know. If you are, you might be Illuminati material.

Remember, while the Illuminati are a secretive society, we pride ourselves on showing off our wealth and power. This is done through a complex array of hand gestures, publicly held rituals, symbols, coded phrases, conspicuous consumption, and signature poses.

CALL  / WHATSAPP Priest Abizer ON +27671258513 To Enter the illuminati society Worldwide OR  EMAIL: [email protected]